New Modular CET / Part-time Diploma

1.  What is the difference between these new CET/Part-time Diploma programmes and the previous Part-time Diploma programmes?

The new CET/Part-time Diploma programmes have been designed with the adult learner in mind and are more compact and modular.

  • Reduced course duration – duration for the revised CET/Part-time Diploma programmes have been halved, to approximately two and a half years (900 hours) without compromising rigour or quality.
  • Modular structure – each diploma programme will now be offered as five distinct Modular Certificates (MCs) of about 180 training hours each. Each MC is aimed at providing learners with skills in core industry domains valued by employers.


2.  What is the revised duration of the new CET/Part-Time Diploma?

The duration of the new CET/Part-time Diploma is about 850 to 900 hours, inclusive of both direct contact and self-learning hours. A typical adult learner can expect to complete the course in 2.5 years of part-time studies without any deferment or repetition of modules.


3.  Is the quality of the programme affected by the shorter duration?

There is no compromise in the quality and rigour of the programmes. The reduction in curriculum hours of the new CET/Part-time Diploma is possible due to:

  • Removal of components that are less relevant to adult learners and including only the essential elements of these modules into the main modules
  • More self-learning hours, that offset the reduction in contact hours


4.  What is a Modular Certificate and how does each Modular Certificate relate to the diploma qualification?

The new CET/Part-time Diploma comprises five separate 180-hour Modular Certificates, where the completion of each will result in an award of a Modular Certificate. Hence the attainment of a Modular Certificate equips the participant with a distinct set of expertise that will enable him/her to perform at a higher level in a certain job function. Upon completion of five Certificates within a validity period of 5 years, the participant will be conferred a Diploma qualification.


5.  What is the industry feedback on the new CET/Part-Time Diploma?

Feedback was sought from different groups of employers and government agencies. All of them endorsed the new CET/Part-time Diploma programmes and welcomed the launch of the programmes to help upgrade working adults.


6.  Will exemptions be given for modules that I have previously taken somewhere else?

Any request for exemption of modules must be submitted in writing to NYP. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.