Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management

About this course

Course objectives

The Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management aims to equip participants with current and relevant Supply Chain Management (SCM) knowledge and skills to help them upgrade and advance in their career. The objectives of the programme are to:

Provide participants with companies’ best practices and trends on materials management and supply chain initiatives that focused on purchasing and its strategies, planning, warehousing and inventory costing.

Enable participants to examine the role of transportation from a macro perspective with special emphasis on its effect on the development of global economies.

Provide participants with a strategic framework to analyse the design, planning, and operational decisions within supply chains using advanced SCM applications.

Course description

Ranked by the World Bank as Asia’s top logistics hub, Singapore offers world-class connectivity to the region and beyond (EDB, 2023). The unprecedented boom in regional cross-border trade and consumption strengthens Singapore’s relevance as a secure, highly efficient logistics and supply chain management hub.

Singapore sees a strong growing demand for skilled talents and professionals in the areas of logistics and supply chain management. This sector changes rapidly, driven mainly by technology advancement in the areas of artificial intelligence and info-communication technology. To thrive in this changing business environment, the professionals in this industry need to constantly seek new skills and knowledge. It is vital for them to acquire a set of portable skills and competencies with reference to the Industry Transformation Map and the National Skills Framework for Singapore's logistics sector.

Nanyang Polytechnic is pleased to offer the Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management program to meet the aspirations of adult learners who may want to acquire higher professional knowledge and skills in supply chain management to excel and grow in this sector. The Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management has been mapped to and listed in the Logistics Skills Frame Work.

Target audiences

The programme is suitable for:

Working professionals in related field who would like to have more in-depth supply chain management knowledge and skills for application in the areas of materials management and international freight and business.

Existing logistics professionals in supervisory level who would like to develop and enhance their career progression in the area of supply chain management.