Master LinkedIn For Sales and Marketing [Synchronous E-Learning]

Master LinkedIn For Sales and Marketing [Synchronous E-Learning]

About this course

Course objectives

Objectives In this course, participants will learn how to: • access tools and templates to maximise efficiency • construct an authoritative and professional profile that attracts the right audience • get discovered through organic LinkedIn searches • identify new clients and new business opportunities • create and execute a LinkedIn content strategy • establish business pages that attract engaged audiences • create and grow a LinkedIn group • measure their LinkedIn marketing effectiveness • set up and run self-serve LinkedIn ads, sponsored content, and company updates

Course description

This course will allow participants to get the most of LinkedIn with laser-focused effort. From learning LinkedIn basics to using organic and paid tools to accelerate their results, they will: - Discover LinkedIn best practices, and why LinkedIn is by far the best platform for building their brand, attracting quality leads, and driving B2B sales. - Enhance their LinkedIn profile to attract their ideal clients. - Take advantage of organic and/or optional paid tools to accelerate their results.

Target audiences

This course is intended for Marketing Executives or Managers, Social Media Marketing Executives or Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and individuals who are new to Facebook marketing and want to learn how to launch a successful Facebook campaign.