SIRS-Alibaba Taobao University: Boost Sales through Effective Content Marketing (2/3 - Live-streaming operation and short videos) [Synchronous E-Learning]

SIRS-Alibaba Taobao University: Boost Sales through Effective Content Marketing (2/3 - Live-streaming operation and short videos) [Synchronous E-Learning]

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Course objectives

This programme will be conducted in English or Mandarin.SIRS in partnership with Alibaba Business School, the official training arm of Alibaba Group, offers comprehensive and systematic training programmes to meet a full spectrum of learning needs of government groups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, e-commerce practitioners and students.The Content Marketing programme is designed for participants to learn the most efficient way to relate a brand story to target audiences, keeping them interested and engaged with meaningful videos that drive the right messages through different platforms. The knowledge and technical skills imparted will enable participants to connect with their online community, generate leads/customers, create brand awareness, establish a positive brand reputation and build customers’ trust and loyalty.Upon completion of the programme, participants will receive a certificate jointly awarded by Alibaba Business School and Singapore Institute of Retail Studies.这课程将由淘宝大学认证讲师以中文或英文授课!阿里巴巴商学院和新加坡南洋理工学院旗下新加坡零售管理学院合作,为新加坡企业带来一系列攸关电子商务实际操作与技能栽培课程,协助企业拓展核心能力并成功运用电子商务拓展营销与业务。在网络时代迅猛发展的大背景下,内容营销已成为许多企业必备的营销方式来做品牌传播。高质量的内容能使品牌脱颖而出,吸引潜在客户的关注并提高客户转化率。内容营销新策略,新玩法 - 学员将会学习如何创造高质量的内容来吸眼球、与在线社区球建立关系、发掘新客户、创建品牌知名度、建立品牌声誉并建立客户的信任。完成课程后的学员将获得由阿里巴巴商学院和新加坡零售管理学院所颁发的毕业证书。Who Should AttendThis programme is suitable for Digital Professionals, Online Business Owners, E-Commerce Managers, Digital Marketers.培训对象电商专业人士, 电商创业者, 电商决策人, 数码营销人员。

Course description

OutlineOptimise Content Marketing Strategy and Master Short Video Creation SkillsPerform Social Media platform analysis & account planningUnderstand the definition, trends and significance of video marketing through case studiesPlan the content for scripts of brand videos, product videos, and promotional videosDevelop a creative video structure through copywriting and advertising techniquesLearn the before, during and after processes of making a video - preparations, techniques & editingUnderstand the rules and procedures to publish a completed videoSuccessful Live-streaming OperationsKnow the reasons behind the popularity of live-streamingGain in-depth understanding of the elements for a successful live-streaming and the methods that can be replicatedCreate a live-streaming session: a comprehensive review of the processesUncover the secrets to maximising an anchor’s advantage – ways to position yourself for the winScale up on your Social Media Platform Operations & grow your Fans EconomyLearn ways to grow your fan baseEstablish an effective mechanism to protect your fan baseHow to manage and maintain your fan baseSocial Media Platform Matrix OperationLearn tips on Paid Social Media Advertising课程内容内容营销与图文内容营销的趋势消费升级与用户升级各内容营销新方法简介:直播、图文、短视频等内容营销新策略图文定位图文创作技法直播运营直播火爆原因分析,深度拆解直播成功的元素,讲解可复制的方法直播运营解析,从直播定位、直播策划、团队分工等,全方位讲解成功落地一场直播所需的流程与细节主播发挥自身优势的秘密:主播定位短视频通过案例解析视频营销的定义、趋势及意义策划品牌视频、产品视频及活动视频的脚本内容如何通过文案策划及广告创意来打造视频整体创意结构制作视频的流程:拍摄前准备工作、拍摄中技巧、拍摄后的视频编辑发布完整视频的规则及方法流程粉丝经济粉丝获取:粉丝增加的方法解析粉丝维护:如何建立一个有效的机制,实现粉丝的有效管理粉丝运营:如何进行粉丝画像与粉丝服务,高效运营粉丝,实现粉丝变现内容营销工作坊学员选择短视频、图文、直播等内容营销常见方式中的一种/多种,团队合作完成某个产品/品牌的内容营销作品讲师进行指导和点评,让学员实操内容营销各工具,并在课程结束时产出团队作品Duration5 days (40 hours)课程时间5天 (40小时)