Be a Collaborative Influencer [Classroom Facilitated, Asynchronous E-Learning]

Be a Collaborative Influencer [Classroom Facilitated, Asynchronous E-Learning]

About this course

Course objectives

Collaboration and influencing skills are essential for everyone in any job role or industry. Knowing how to work and cooperate well with others will heighten not just workplace efficiency and business returns, but also aid individuals themselves with personal and professional growth, that can support their career advancement, and drive better outcomes for both individuals and teams.Being able to influence others skillfully and positively is also a key contributing factor to successful collaboration in working together to achieve shared business goals. These are skills that are highly valued at the workplace and rank high on the list of attributes that hiring managers look out for.The course is structured to incorporate active engagement and involvement of participants, including enactment of realistic scenarios that motivate and contribute to real life application through active learning.Learners will develop both a greater sense of self-awareness, as well as of others and their environments, that will support cultivation of better interpersonal relationships. In turn, this can ultimately lead to a greater level of employee confidence and satisfaction, thriving in happier work environments, that drive better productivity and business outcomes.

Course description

Learners will acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to- Know and understand yourself using the frameworks and methods taught- Develop understanding of others and the environment through awareness of communication and behavioural patterns around us- Collaborate with others towards better outcomes using infl uencing techniques and skills- Contribute positively to workplace excellence through enhanced interpersonal skills