Social Media Marketing (SF - Manager)

Social Media Marketing (SF - Manager)

About this course

Course objectives

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

1. Evaluate usage of social media and its potential impact on the organisation

2. Evaluate potential and suitability of social media marketing opportunities

3. Determine the feasibility of using different types of social media platforms

4. Establish social media marketing objectives

5. Develop plans for social marketing campaign

6. Monitor outcome of social media marketing to review effectiveness

Course description

In this module, participants will learn the factors to evaluate potential, suitable and feasible social media marketing opportunities.

They will learn about the mindset and thought process in seeking new ways of utilising social media channels, and monitor the effectiveness of social media marketing to the organization.

Participants will be able to draw up a social media marketing strategy best suited to the objectives of the organization to outreach to new consumers and to continually engage current customers.

The course covers the following areas:

- Key elements of an organisational social media plan

- Organisational policy and procedures for social media use

- Types of social media platform, tools and their operations

- Rules and regulations and terms of use of specific social media platforms

- Privacy legislation and confidentiality requirements

- Copyright and intellectual property considerations

- Characteristics of customer behaviour in relation to social media use

- Tools for social media scheduling

- Values of building a community of advocates on a social media platform

- Considerations of consumer reviews and user-generated content