Upon enrolment, you will be issued an identification card known as the Student Card. You should not allow others to use your Student Card, and must carry it with you at all times when you are on polytechnic grounds. 

You are advised to check the status of your Student Card upon issuance. If you encounter any problems with the card, you should report it to i@Central for rectification within two weeks from the day it was issued to you.

Defective cards will be replaced free-of-charge. Replacement of damaged cards due to mishandling will be subjected to a replacement fee of $6.40 (inclusive of GST). You will have to bear the full replacement cost of a defective/ damaged card after the two-week grace period.

Should you lose your Student Card, you must deactivate it immediately through the myNYP Portal. If the card is not found after 2 days, you may request for replacement. The cost of the replacement of a Student Card is $6.40 (inclusive of GST). 

Entry to NYP Sports Facilities
  • Nanyang Polytechnic’s Sports Facilities are provided for the enjoyment of all NYP students and staff. These Sports Facilities are not open to outsiders except persons permitted by the Polytechnic. 
  • All students are requested to use their own Student Card to gain entry to the Sports Facilities. 
  • Students are reminded that they should not lend their Student Card to other students or persons not connected to the Polytechnic. 
  • Please note that it is a major offence to lend your Student Card to any other persons or to use someone’s Student Card.