For a comprehensive list of contact details, please visit Contact Us. A summary of common enquiries and the relevant departments/websites to approach/visit is provided here for your convenience.


CCA: When you have CCA issues or a problem with
CCA Transcript

Facility Reservation: Problem with Booking of
Sports Facilities


Student Development Department


Card: Student Card and Consession Card matters,
e.g. enquiry for lost card, report of defective/damaged card,
request for replacement card (payable)

Financial Matters: Application/Submissions of Documents for
Financial Assistance Schemes

Lost & Found: Enquire about/report lost and found items




MC/Exemption Letter


i@Central or 
School's General
Administration Office


Counselling/Special Education Needs


Student Counselling Service

International Student: Userful information pertaining to your studies and

stay in Singapore.

Please find our more here.
International Student: Loss of Student's Pass For replacement, please see ICA's website

Student PIN: Change

Student Email Account: Forget Password (Alternatively, bring along

student card/NRIC/Passport to i@Central to request for reset

of password) 

myNYP Portal


Insurance Scheme: What is covered and how to make a claim
when the need arises
Please find out more here.
Centralised Student IT Helpdesks Services: When you have a problem
with your computer
Please seek support here.
Notebook Ownership Scheme Please find out more here.