As an educational institution, we have put in place policies, rules and regulations to govern the academic system and to mould students’ behaviour to support a safe and respectful learning environment.

Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the behaviours identified in the Code of Conduct which aims to promote a balance in individual and community interests. We aim to encourage student accountability while connecting students to resources that foster and ensure student success.

Students will gain a better understanding of the potential consequences of their personal actions and will learn the purpose of NYP policies. Let the Code of Conduct guide you in making the right decisions both on and off-campus.

  • When on campus, always have your Polytechnic Student Card with you
  • Remember that you are an ambassador for NYP and behave appropriately at all times
  • Dress appropriately without offensive images and words on your attire and with observe the proper decorum
  • Show respect to your peers, lecturers, officers of NYP and service providers
  • Observe Academic Rules and Regulations at all times (including during tests and examinations)
  • Do not smoke in and around the Polytechnic premises. It is an offence for a person below the age of 18 years to be in possession of any tobacco product and vaporisers (e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-cigars)
  • Do not litter on and off-campus
  • Do not consume alcohol,abuse substances or indulge in intoxicated behaviour
  • Do not participate in gambling, card games, online or otherwise
  • Do not engage in unlawful assembly, acts of disturbances and/or violence on and off-campus
  • Observe safety rules when riding a motorcycle, bicycle or personal mobility devices (PMD); Click here for more information.
  • Observe parking rules for your vehicle or personal mobility devices
  • Follow company rules and regulations when on attachment/internship
  • Be aware of laws of another country when visiting or on attachment/internship
  • Do not carry out acts of vandalism, theft or any other acts deemed illegal by Singapore Law
  • Use social media responsibly, do not engage in cyber bullying
  • Do not misuse NYP’s facilities and resources

Students found flouting the NYP Student Code of Conduct may face disciplinary actions meted by the Disciplinary Committee. Students who violate the Singapore Law will be reported to the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and relevant authorities, if necessary.