As an educational institution, NYP is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive campus and environment where there is respect and dignity for everyone, and where our learners can thrive.

We encourage and expect high standards of conduct from all in our community. These expectations of responsible and appropriate behaviour are communicated in our Code of Conduct.

Let us all be considerate and respect the diversity of cultures, races and religions. We should all refrain from conduct that demeans, intimidates, threatens, harasses or injures any individual. This can include bullying, fighting, making derogatory remarks, and sexual misconduct.


The NYP Student Code of Conduct

• Always have your Polytechnic Student Card with you when on campus
• Dress appropriately, without offensive images and words on your attire, and with decorum
• Show respect to your peers, lecturers, officers of NYP and service providers
• Observe Academic Rules and Regulations at all times (including during tests and examinations)
• Observe safety rules when riding a motorcycle, bicycle or personal mobility devices (PMD)
• Observe parking rules for your vehicle/PMDs
• Follow company rules and regulations when on attachment/internship
• Be aware of laws of another country when visiting or on attachment/internship
• Use social media responsibly

 We prohibit:

o  smoking in and around campus
o  littering
o  consuming alcohol and other substances
o  gambling – online or otherwise

 Under Singapore’s laws, illegal behaviour include:

o  unlawful assembly
o  violence
o  acts of disturbances
o  vandalism