The Copyright Act came into effect in 1987. The following highlights some aspects of the Act, which are of relevance to you. 

(a) What is Copyright?
It is a form of protection given by Law to the authors or original works. Almost all works in the Library are protected by Copyright.

(b) How much can I legally copy?
The “fair dealing” provisions allow you to copy 
(i) Single copies for research/private study
(ii) Either 10 per cent (from a book/ebook without chapters) or ONE chapter of a book/ebook
(iii) One article of a periodical/magazine/e-journal

(c) What about computer software?
You CANNOT copy any computer software borrowed from the Library, or those stored in computers anywhere in the Polytechnic. You MUST NOT use any illegal copies of software on any computer in the Polytechnic. 

(d) Personal Responsibility and Liability
Users are personally responsible and liable for any infringement of the Copyright Act.

For more details on the Copyright Act, please refer to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore website.