The Early Admissions Exercise (for ITE students)...


helps you secure a place in your preferred course - even before you finish your NITEC / Higher NITEC course. This is for you if you have strong aptitude and interest in a field related to a diploma course. It will also help if you have outstanding achievements in sports, leadership, entrepreneurship, community service and the arts.


You can apply if you are...


  • Completing your NITEC course in June or Dec 2020, or 
  • Completing your Higher NITEC course in Sept 2020 or March 2021



EAE application timeline...


  • decideapply


    11 Jun - 17 Jun: Decide and Apply


    •   Consider your strengths and interests then choose up to 3 diploma courses 
    •   Submit a mandatory write-up for each of these 3 courses (max 600 characters)
    •   Include an optional write-up on other achievements & talents (max 1,000 characters)

  • showus

    6 Jul - 1 Sep: Show Us What You've Got


    If you are shortlisted for an interview, here's your chance to show off your:

    •   Portfolio (i.e. sketches, coding works, editorials, robot structures, certificates, etc);
    •   Leadership positions or roles in schools and/or CCAs;

    •   Achievements, awards, and recommendations;
    •   Participation in competitions, workshops, seminars; and 

    •   Depth of interest and aptitude 


    In short, tell us why you would be a good candidate for that course.

  • sayyes

    7 Sep - 10 Sep: Say ‘Yes’


    •   Get your EAE application results at   
    •   If you get an offer, congrats! But it's conditional, so be sure to obtain:

    - a final net Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or better for your Nitec qualification* (including CCA bonus points); or

    - a final net Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or better for your Higher Nitec qualification (including CCA bonus points)


    * For Nitec in Nursing holders, the minimum GPA requirement for admission to the Diploma in Nursing is 3.0


    (Note: you are eligible to receive up to one offer only.)

  • withdraw

    11 Sep - 16 Oct: Withdrawal


    If you decide to change your mind, be sure to withdraw before the deadline. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to participate in the Joint Polytechnic Admissions Exercise (JPAE) and other polytechnic admissions exercises.  


    Applicants who have accepted the conditional offer and met admissions criteria for the offered course will also not be able to switch courses within or across polytechnics. 



Hear From Our Students...


At NYP, we can help you live your dreams by pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. Check out these stories of our students who came in through the EAE and accomplished more than what they thought was possible. 



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