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At NYP, we can help you live your dreams by pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. Check out these stories of our students who came in through EAE and accomplished more than what they thought was possible. 

We illustrated Singapore’s 2020 Budget!

Feliza chose the EAE over the JC route and secured a place in her animation course. Among her rich experiences? Working with the Finance Ministry to illustrate Dpty Prime Minister’s Budget.

NYP Was My First EAE Choice

Aishwarya managed to land a spot in her first-choice course at NYP – where she experienced her dream internship and more.

I Champion Environmental Sustainability!

Jin Hao’s interest in science, and passion for the environment made a perfect combination for his EAE first choice: the Diploma in Chemical and Green Technology. He graduates with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

A Longer Journey To Get Where I Wanted To Be

Joshua missed the opportunity to enter NYP after his N Levels but the EAEi put him back on track.

I got into MY choice course!

Hugo set his mind on a specific course in NYP. He applied through EAE and secured his top choice – the Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics.

Inspired by a lecturer

His talk opened Evelyn’s eyes to the possibilities of combining design, the environment and architecture.

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