Cara Oh Tong Lin


Diploma in Mass Media Management (Class of 2019),

Edgefield Secondary School alumna


Impressive Media Studio Hooked Me!
Cara visited all 5 polys to check out their offerings for mass media, and with the research under her belt picked NYP’s Mass Media Management as her first and only choice during the Direct Polytechnic Admissions (now known as the Early Admissions Exercise) in 2015.
In 2019, she graduated as the course’s top student.

1. Why did you choose to come to NYP?
I have always been fascinated by the media, be it traditional media like TV or new media. I am intrigued by its power to influence the masses.

My initial question was: which mass media course should I choose? I visited all the polytechnics’ Open Houses. But I fell in love with NYP’s media studio facilities: The chance to use such industrial standard equipment got me quite excited.

2. Why did you choose the DPA route? (now known as EAE)
I was very sure that NYP’s Mass Media Management was what I wanted. But because competition to get into popular courses can be fierce, I worried about getting into my dream course. So I went for the early admission route, where they admit you based on whether you can prove your passion and aptitude.

In my application to NYP, I highlighted my experiences. For example, I attended radio classes with the Hokkien Huay Kuan, where I learnt to recite children’s stories in Mandarin.

3. Was NYP life what you expected?
It was way better. I loved all my modules in NYP; they were practical and hands-on. In my first semester, I received a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.92 which really surpassed my expectations. This inspired me to continue to do well.

Besides studies, I was also in the Emcee Club, where I got the chance to be an emcee for events ranging from Club Crawl (a Co-Curricular Activities fair) to scholarship presentation ceremonies. It was good exposure and training for me!

4. What did you do for your internship?
I did my internship at the FOX Network Group. I loved its fast-paced working style. I got an opportunity to join the design team and that was where I found my niche. I enjoyed the work so much that I am now doing freelance work for FOX, designing video walls for their sets.

5. What are your plans?
I’ve accepted an offer from NUS and will be joining the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty. After university, I hope to find a job which combines the skills I learnt in poly with my interest, in the areas of marketing, editing or graphic design. There is so much I would love to do in the media industry!

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