Entering NYP through EAE reaffirmed my passion for business management

This picture was taken before COVID-19.

Mohammed Aizam Bin Abd Rahman

Year Three (Diploma in Business Management)


I’ve always had an interest in e-commerce. In Secondary School and ITE, I dabbled in starting small businesses selling small items (that I bought in bulk at a lower price) like snacks, clothing and even trading card collectables, and even worked on solving complex business problems. When it came to choosing a course, I didn’t want to just do a general one on business; I wanted to specialise in various aspects of the trade.

So when I heard about the Diploma in Business Management’s dual specialisation offering, I knew NYP was the school for me. I applied through EAE to secure a spot. Thankfully, I was offered the course and that gave me more confidence to complete my final year examinations at ITE.

Entering the course was like a dream come true. I did International Business, and also E-Commerce & Retail Management specialisations - both of which gave me valuable insights and skill sets that have further spurred my interest for retail and e-commerce. Some of my best memories include going on cultural exchanges under NYP SBM’s Go Global programme. In Year One, I went to Chengdu, China – to Chengdu Polytechnic. There, I learned in-depth about China’s innovative and start-up culture through company visits.

Currently, I’m interning at a China-based start-up called Two Four Seven Group. I’m working on remote from Singapore and attend meetings through Zoom every day. As this is a live-social commerce company, I’m learning a lot about how we can leverage data to engage consumers – particularly Gen Z and Millennials in China for the entertainment and events industry. Interning here has also given me multiple opportunities to form new friendships with my international colleagues from China, Canada, United Kingdom and more.

Applying to NYP through the EAE gave me the chance to further my passion in the business industry. I hope to start my own e-commerce business in the future.