Mohamad Fadhli Abdul Wahab & Mohamad Farhan Abdul Wahab


Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology (Year 3),

College ITE East alumni


We Said Yes to Less Stress!
For twins Fadhli and Farhan, applying for NYP through the EAE(I) was a no-brainer. They could focus on their NITEC exams without worrying about the next step. How?

The Early Admissions Exercise for ITE students meant that Mohamad Fadhli Abdul Wahab (FD) and Mohamad Farhan Abdul Wahab (FH) just needed to score enough to meet the minimum entry requirements for their chosen course. It reduced stress about acing the NITECs.

Both harboured dreams of becoming IT professionals (yes, they share the same dream), and had some exposure to Engineering at ITE. So, choosing the School of Engineering’s Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology (DMIT) was a natural choice: the multi-disciplinary curriculum allows Fadhli and Farhan to customise some parts of their diploma to suit their interests and career aspirations. They got to work on professional audio-visual systems and equipment (like in the picture above), build expertise in multimedia IT programming and gain exposure to networking and security too.

1. Why did you choose to join NYP via EAE?
(FH) We were kiasu! But we were pretty determined to enter poly. So, when we heard about the EAE (I), we knew we should try out for it. We were happy when we received the offer. But, our mother also reminded us not to be too complacent – we still had to meet the course requirements.

(FD) For us, applying through EAE (I) was more to increase our chances of entering poly. Our elder brother was from NYP’s School of Information Technology and at home, he was always clacking away on his keyboard. We were really curious about what he did, so we would hover around him while he worked on his projects. From there, we got inspired to join NYP too. A little research here and there… And DMIT it was for us! We already had some multimedia background from our time in ITE but we wanted more depth and real-life work experience in the industry – which NYP gave us.

2. Were there any challenges you had to overcome (when applying for EAE and during the course)?
(FH) For me, it was the interview! It was a bit nerve-wracking. I had only one shot to show that I was ideal for the course. But that only made me more determined to ace the interview. I calmed myself down and shared my passion for multimedia & infocomm and… I guess they liked me well enough to offer me a spot. Phew! 😊

(FD) I was nervous about the interview too! Right up until my interview timeslot, I kept rehearsing my answers in my head. But I learned to relax just in time. It was a good thing that we had each other.

3. Any memorable incidents in NYP?
(FH/FD) Camping in school for two days to chiong our final year project!

(FH) Yeah, 48 hours – minimal sleep, cup noodles all day, massive eyebags. I lost 2kg, shocked my mum when I came home. (Sorry to make you so worried, mak!) But… It was such a memorable time with my friends!

(FD) It was an experience that I think every student would go through. What made it fun was going through it with friends. Thinking about it now… I don’t know how we did it? Probably pure adrenaline!

4. Would you recommend EAE to your juniors? If yes, why?
(FH) Definitely! If you get the chance, go for it. You will get to join a course that you are passionate about. The peace of mind that we get with the conditional offer is a big bonus, too.

(FD) EAE is a great option. It takes a lot of stress away. In fact, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. With EAE, I found that I actually did not think so much about what’s next for me to do. All I had to focus on was clearing my NITEC exams. In fact, I remember thinking how thankful I was for EAE after seeing friends busy worrying about doing well for the exams.

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