Kong Wee Kiat


Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology (Class of 2019),

Marsiling Secondary School alumnus


Wee Kiat was part of the NYP team that built a fully functional plane. It was a dream come through as he has always been fascinated by aeroplanes. To build one as part of his course? It was a dream come true.

1. Describe your experience in NYP.
Two words – Exceptionally Awesome.

I was given many opportunities to try things out and take on leadership positions. And yeah, MY FRIENDS AND I BUILT A PLANE!!!

I mean, really, how many can say that they built a plane? I’m soooo stoked by the experience. It’s made me more confident and readier to face the real world.

2. How did you get hooked on planes?
From my dad! When I was young, he would bring me to the Air Force Museum and the airport to get up close to the planes. I always used to wonder how these huge machines worked.

As I got older, we’d spend time assembling drones. It’s not that easy as it requires a lot of work and some trial and error, but it was nice that we’d work on it together. So, from there, I developed a knack for putting things together and making them fly.

3. Why did you choose to join NYP via EAE? 
I was dead certain that I wanted to join the aerospace industry as my career. So, I made sure to research on aerospace-related courses. And this diploma appealed to me the most. I was attracted by the real-life industry opportunities and the projects that I could get to do.

Even though I was doing well in subjects like Mathematics and the Sciences, I was afraid that my weakness in language could cost me. Competition to enter the course after the O levels is stiff. But the EAE route means have the chance to get in, BEFORE the Os.

Best. Decision. Ever.

4. Would you recommend EAE to your juniors? If yes, why? 
Definitely! EAE is a great option for those who already know what they want to do. If you have a strong passion and you believe that you have what it takes, then the EAE is a great next step. My years in NYP was made easier as EAE helped me to be better prepared for poly. I went through a leadership camp and also got the chance to complete basic modules before Year One even started.

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