NYP Was My First EAE Choice

Aishwarya D/O Ravindran

Graduate, School of Engineering (Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science)


I wouldn’t have made it into the Nanotechnology & Materials Science course at NYP if it wasn’t for EAE.

I secured my spot based on interviews with a panel who decided to let me in based on my interest and passion for maths and nanotech.  Good thing too. My eventual O-Level score was 23, and in my year, the cut off was 18! I wouldn’t have made it if I waited till the Joint Admissions Exercise.

Maybe I’m a late bloomer, or maybe the NYP system is suitable for learners like me? Since then, I have gone on to get a place in the top 20 per cent of my cohort, and I’m also a student leader in School. I am really glad we are treated like adults and lecturers don't chase you for assignments. I had an enriching CCA life (helping the elderly in Community Service Club) and did a lot of self-study and hands-on and lab work, which I loved.

My most memorable time? A great internship at Procter & Gamble! There is something very inspiring about working in a lab with high-tech instruments and equipment. The company has offered me a full-time job after my internship too!

I’m grateful to have come so far:  My advice to those who are considering EAE? Go for it.  Choose the courses you are truly passionate about. Do your research and impress the interviewers!