Valerie Eap Wei Qi


Diploma in Visual Communication (Class of 2019),

Marsiling Secondary School alumna


Valerie Yap saw the design works by NYP students in public spaces – like in Changi Airport and the Botanic Gardens. She was inspired to apply for NYP Diploma in Visual Communication through the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE).

1. How did you decide on NYP’s Diploma in Visual Communication?
I was an Art student looking for a diploma course that would let me exercise my creativity and artistic ability.

Then, I’d seen a wide array of design work done by my seniors for public spaces. I even spotted NYP’s brand on TV because students had a hand in making the programmes. I wanted my work to be out there too!

2. Why did you decide to apply for the EAE?
I was very sure that NYP had the course that I wanted. Vacancies are limited for niche courses like mine. Knowing that my spot in NYP was secure, I found that I could concentrate better for my O Levels.

Applying for the course via EAE route also allowed me to gauge the standard of my design skills. I wanted to know how NYP lecturers viewed my work and capabilities. The feedback which lecturers shared during the interview assured me that I was choosing the right course to pursue my passion.

3. How was your internship experience?
It was great! I interned with IKEA as a Visual Merchandiser. I worked on making the window displays and showrooms come alive! I was even involved in the rebuilding of the living room and living room storage departments in the Tampines store – which was a huge deal!

4. What is one thing you learnt from NYP, beyond design?
I picked up a musical instrument – the cello – when I joined Nanyang Polytechnic’s Chinese Orchestra (NYPCO). It was really fun learning a new instrument. I was also the Head of Publicity for NYPCO, so I had experience promoting our various concerts. I hope to become a lecturer after I have gained experience in the industry – maybe even in NYP!

5. If you’re thinking about applying EAE, here’s a pro-tip:
Do more research on the course structure and find out if it matches your personal interest on a deeper and technical level. Ultimately, it’s about showing your true passion for the course, and it should come naturally to you. So, don’t be stressed over it!

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