The Early Admissions Exercise (for working adults)...


provides you a chance to secure a place in your preferred course by giving more emphasis to your skills, aptitude and work experience. 


You can apply if you are...


a working adult who is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. You will generally need to have at least two years of relevant work experience.

Working adults whose past academic grades do not meet the minimum entry requirements, will be given an opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the pre-requisite competencies for their chosen course through supplementary assessments. 


EAE application timeline...


  • decideapply


    8 Jun - 5 Jul: Decide and Apply


    •   Consider your strengths and interests then choose up to 3 diploma courses 
    •   Submit a mandatory write-up for each of these 3 courses (max 600 characters)
    •   Include an optional write-up on other achievements & talents (max 1,000 characters)

    •   Provide details and description of your current/last job employment (max 2,000 characters)

  • showus

    6 Jul - 1 Sep: Show Us What You've Got


    •   We will access your work experience to determine the relevance of the competencies and skills gained for your preferred course.
    •  If you are shortlisted for an interview, tell us more about your work experience and how it has prepared you for a polytechnic education.

  • sayyes


    7 Sep - 16 Oct: Offer & Acceptance


    •   Check your EAE application results at

    •    If you get an offer, congrats! Acceptance of the EAE offer will guarantee your place in the polytechnic course.


    (Note: you are eligible to receive up to one offer only.)

  • withdraw

    7 Sep - 16 Oct: Withdrawal


    If you decide to change your mind, be sure to withdraw before the deadline.


    Applicants who have accepted a Poly EAE offer but do not withdraw by the stipulated deadline will not be able to switch courses within or across polytechnics once their offers are confirmed.


Hear From Our Students...


At NYP, we can help you live your dreams by pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. Check out these stories of our students who came in through the EAE and accomplished more than what they thought was possible. 



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