Parents Seminar
Fri, 26 May @ 7pm
Here’s a “prep” workshop for you too: Understand what the EAE is and how to score an offer at Nanyang Poly even before your child takes the O Levels. Bonus – get some quick tips on crafting the 600- and 1,000-character write-ups.
PS: Feel free to bring your kid(s) along.
Wondering if poly is the right choice for your teen?
Find out more about a poly education and the EAE in this segment.
Our speakers will answer any questions you have.
We’ve got two options* for you:
  1. Come tour our campus and Schools and check out our facilities.
  2. Or connect with our lecturers and admissions experts. Our Education and Career Guidance counsellors are also on-hand to help uncover your strengths, interest, and aptitude.
*No registration required.
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