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Muhammad Syahiran Bin Mohd Azlan

Diploma in Cyber Security and Forensics (Year 2), North View Secondary School alumnus

After his network got hacked, Syahiran only wanted one thing – to enrol into the Diploma in Cyber Security and Forensics at NYP.  And, to get exactly what he wanted, he applied through the EAE. He explained: “The EAE lets me clinch my course of choice, giving me the opportunity to become what I want to be one day – a cyber security analyst.”

Now, he is gunning for it. He’s won a bronze at the Cyber Defender's Discovery Camp; completed an extra module on “Advance Networking” to deepen his knowledge; and even headed to Cheng Du, China on an overseas exchange trip to suss out their IT expertise and industry. He has also achieved a GPA of 4.0.

Find out more about how you or your child can benefit from the EAE. Visit the NYP EAE Centre from 21-22 Jun and 25-27 Jun.

Vanessa Liang

Diploma in Digital Visual Effects (Year 2), Greendale Secondary School alumna

When she learnt that much of the sophisticated visual effects in MediaCorp’s drama ‘The Journey’ were created by NYP students, Vanessa was inspired to do the same. Her broadcasting CCA in secondary school further fueled her passion in digital media, and so she decided to apply for the Early Admissions Exercise to secure an advance placement in NYP. After enrolment, she also bagged the NYP-MediaCorp Scholarship. Academics aside, Vanessa is actively involved in NYP’s Mentoring Club and recently received the prestigious NYP Star Award for her dedication. As President of the SIDM Club, she has also led her team through running many successful school-wide events such as the freshmen orientation.

Find out more about how you or your child can benefit from the EAE. Visit the NYP EAE Centre from 21-22 Jun and 25-27 Jun.

Mervyn Heng

Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology (Year 2), Zhenghua Secondary School Alumnus 

Mervyn was single-minded about his pet subjects: Mathematics and sciences. He eventually scored 12 points for his O-levels, but he is happy that the EAE locked in his place in the Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology at NYP before he even took the exam. He shares: “I got to study my favourites without concerns whether my O-levels would be affected by my other subjects. I want a career in Chemical Engineering, and the EAE secured this opportunity for me.” Mervyn is now scoring a GPA of 3.93, and he’s made the Director’s List. He is involved in peer tutoring, camps, leadership programmes and community services. He also went on an educational programme in Perth, and is now in the running for an NYP Scholarship.  

Find out more about how you or your child can benefit from the EAE. Visit the NYP EAE Centre from 21-22 Jun and 25-27 Jun. 


Aqil Akmal Bin Mohd Fadil

Diploma in Sustainable Architectural Design (Year 2), Fuchun Secondary School alumnus

As a child, Aqil loved playing with Lego. He loved the thrill of building something from scratch. Growing up, he started to wonder about the buildings he saw around him. That was when he knew he wanted to study architecture. So, when the opportunity to enrol in the first batch of NYP’s Diploma in Sustainable Architectural Design opened via the EAE, he jumped on it. And it was a good thing he did! He did not meet the diploma’s cut-off point with his ‘O’ Levels score but thanks to the EAE, he’d secured his spot in his desired course. Now, he is flourishing in the School of Design and was on the Director’s List for both semesters in his first year.

Find out more about how you or your child can benefit from the EAE. Visit the NYP EAE Centre from 21-22 Jun and 25-27 Jun.

Tea Pei Qi

Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology (Year 2), Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) alumna

Pei Qi enjoys programming and web design, which is why she wanted to get into NYP’s Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology which had her perfect blend of subjects and specialities. Pei Qi applied through the EAE, so she not only secured her place early, she also had peace of mind while studying for her O Levels.  Since enrolling, she’s done so well she’s been chosen to compete in WorldSkills Singapore 2018.  

“I'm someone who wakes up every morning and feels blessed to be in NYP, to have good teachers and be given great opportunities such as Worldskills to challenge myself,” she said.

Find out more about how you or your child can benefit from the EAE. Visit the NYP EAE Centre from 21-22 Jun and 25-27 Jun.


Danielle Chee Muk Onn

Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) (Year 2), Ang Mo Kio Secondary School alumna

Danielle has a heart for the underprivileged and really wanted to help disadvantaged children. She was however not confident that her O level results would be good enough for her to enter the social work course offered only by NYP. But by demonstrating her interest and passion through the EAE, she secured a spot in her dream course. This gave her the peace of mind to sit for her O levels. In her first year, Danielle did well and was selected to go for a study trip to Japan.


Liu Lung Hao

Diploma in Information Technology (Class of 2016), Anderson Secondary School alumnus 

Lung Hao aspired to create new technology since he was a young boy. Then, inspired by his sister – who attended NYP’s School of IT – and the many opportunties she had to work with industry partners, he decided to go for the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE). This way, he secured advance placement in his dream IT course at NYP before his O Levels. Soon after enrollment, he won an NYP-Oracle Scholarship. Lung Hao set up his own tech consulting firm in his first year, and went on to do multiple internships at Microsoft for the next three years. This March, Lung Hao was named IT Youth of 2018 by the Singapore Computing Society for helping SMEs in their digital transformation.


Foo Yu Wen Angeline

Diploma in Accountancy & Finance, Year 2, Serangoon Garden Secondary School alumna

“I was very firm about my passion for accounting and wanted to secure a place in NYP before my O Levels via the EAE. I ‘clicked’ so well with my fellow EAE students in NYP that I volunteered to serve as a facilitator for the EAE Bonding Day a year later. NYP has given me many opportunities to develop myself.”


Atirah Pungut

Diploma in Banking & Finance (Year 2), ITE Central alumna

For Atirah, the EAE(I) was the fastest way to enrol in her desired course – Banking & Finance. While in ITE, she interned at a POSB branch for six months. Her experience there sparked off her interest to pursue a career in the area. During the EAE(I) interview, she impressed our lecturers with her keen interest and aptitude. And it paid off! Now is thriving in her NYP course with its mix of applied learning and solving of real-world issues. 

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