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We know some of you may be feeling nervous/scary/excited to begin another chapter of your life. Here are some tips that'll help you start off your journey in NYP. 



3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your NYP Experience


Congrats, you’re now a legit tertiary student. (You’ll receive your EZ-link card to cement your newly-minted status soon.) We know getting here wasn't the easiest and you’re probably tempted to take it easy during your first few weeks in poly. Once you get the hang of poly life, here are three tips to make sure you get the most out of your NYP experience.

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Finding Your Squad in NYP

It can be scary starting anew in poly, and especially more so if none of your friends are in the same diploma as you. Click below to get tips on finding YOUR friends! 

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What Should I Do in My First Semester?


Your poly years can be the best time of your life, full of surprises and lessons. Things are going to happen that you never would have expected, and you are going to learn more about yourself and adapt, change and grow in the process. 

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