The A to Z of NYP


To get you up to speed on all things NYP, here’s a quick recap. Some are pretty useful for you to know during the course of your study and the rest… Well, use these in case you’re asked by outsiders on what NYP’s all about.






Our School of Engineering students built their own freaking plane! There’s no way we can be cool about it. They. Built. A. Whole. Plane. From scratch! And it legit works too. It took 34 students from the diplomas in Aerospace Systems & Management and Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology four years to complete this masterpiece. They did everything – from conceptualisation and documentation to construction. Mad proud of them.





This is our e-learning platform where your lecturers will upload notes and presentation slides. You may even be required to submit your projects and assignments through this online portal.

Protip: You should absolutely memorise your Blackboard password as you’ll need to access this like, a lot.

Not sure how to get onto blackboard? Click here to find out how.




In case you didn’t know, NYP has more than 80 CCAs that range from arts and societies to community service to sports. So, take your pick. We highly recommend joining something as it’ll just take your NYP experience to the next level.

*In view of the COVID-19 situation, all CCAs are suspended until further notice.


Digital Media


Our students from the School of Interactive & Digital Media are dope. Some of them have worked on big name films like *cough* Avengers: Endgame *cough* even before graduation. They intern in world-famous studios around the globe – France, Japan, USA. Oh, the places they’ve been to and the things they’ve seen.





Did you know that our School of Engineering sprouted off from the Economic Development Board? So, the story goes like this: The French-Singapore Institute, the German-Singapore Institute and the Japan-Singapore Institute are transferred from the Economic Development Board (EDB)* to NYP in Feb 1993. And our EDB background is more or less the reason why we’ve got such deeply-rooted industry links.

*EDB is a government agency that is responsible for furthering Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation and talent.




The information provided is subject to updates due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

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