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Congrats, you're now a legit tertiary student in NYP. So, you're probably a little anxious wondering what else you've got to do. That's alright, we've got your back. First: Take a deep breath. Now, let's look through this page to see what else you've got to do. 


The stuff in this section may be a little administrative but... they're really important. 

  • With the current COVID-19 situation, in the first email, we've asked you to do your Travel Declaration. If you've already done this, then thank you. If not, we absolutely need you to do your travel declaration like, NOW, please...
  • All poly students will get a Transitlink Concession Card (or EZ-link card) to get around on public transport. Find out how to get yours below. 
  • For International Students, please pay extra attention to the information in the tab below.
  • Since learning is pretty much going online, you'll need to get a laptop. Check out the tab for details on how to get yours.

Click on the respective tabs to get these done. The sooner, the better!


Updates on the COVID-19 Situation 

Hey guys, with the unusual circumstances that we're under because of COVID-19, some of you may have some unanswered questions. Check out our FAQ via the link below if you are unsure about some things. If you need further clarifications, shoot us an email with your questions! 

Check out the FAQ here



The information provided is subject to updates due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

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