All About Day One

Getting Around NYP 

For a freshie, the NYP campus may seem a bit daunting... But as the days go by, you'll see that it's pretty easy to navigate from Block F (that's all the way at the sports facilities) to Block P1 (where Foodgle's at). Don't worry, everyone here is pleasant enough, just ask if you think you're lost.

In view of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, you will be on Home Based Learning until 14 Jun, 2020. You should not come to campus unless you have been specifically told to do so.

In the event that you are required to come to campus during the HBL period, please note that temperature taking is mandatory at the Temperature Screening Centres (TSCs). 

Tips on Getting Around NYP


1) Look Up! 

There are plenty of signages around the campus that shows you the way to each school.

2) Read the Venue Codes / Prefixes

The first letter stands for the block the venue is located in.
The number following the letter will be the level the venue is on. e.g. L.534 refers to Blk L, Level 5, Room 534

Commonly used prefixes are:
- TR refers to Tutorial Room
- LT refers to Lecture Theatre

3) Ask around

If all else fails, ask around. We're all friendly and nice people, don't paiseh!



The information provided is subject to updates due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.