All About Day One

The Basics 

Welcome to NYP. If it all feels a bit strange and worrisome right now – that’s par for the course. We’re here to help though: so this section is chock-full of info that can help you navigate your first steps.



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NYP Email 


Do check your NYP email regularly as there'll be some important emails coming your way from now till your first day. 

  Read Email Guide

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MyNYP Portal (a.k.a Student Portal)


Hit this portal to check out your timetable, register for modules and manage other student-related services. Find out more about useful e-services that are available.

Student Portal Guide

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E-Lectures and Tutorials


At NYP, we use POLITEMall as our e-learning platform. Your lecturers will upload notes, presentation slides and other materials on it.

Pro-tip: You should absolutely memorise your POLITEMall password as you'll need to access this like, a lot.

Access POLITEMall

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Personal Mentors (PEMs)


These PEM – or PErsonal Mentors –are similar to your secondary school form teachers. They are here to guide you; offer you support and help you in your journey through poly. Our lecturers all come with a truckload of experience so be sure to tap on their professional expertise. And if you have personal problems, they're always there to provide a listening ear and encouraging words.

You'll hear from them soon or meet them during your first week in school. Stay tuned to your NYP email for more updates!

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General Studies Modules


What's cool about poly studies is that you also get to learn about things outside your chosen diploma. These are called General Studies Modules (GSMs). To name a few, we have modules like 3D Print Your Design, Science Behind Skin Care, and Coding for Beginners. With more than 80 GSMs to choose from, you're definitely spoilt for choice. For more information, visit General Studies Modules page.

Students who are in the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP):, this doesn't apply to you yet as you will not be taking GSMs during your foundation year, but you can look forward to them when you enter Year 1.


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IT Helpdesk


Having issues with your notebook? Fret not, our IT Helpdesk is here to help.
You may contact them via 6550 0099 or
Do be patient with us as we try to answer all your queries.

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Library Portal


Free access to the wide array of resources on the Library Portal. It'll definitely be a saviour for your projects. And errr, you'll probably need some help to navigate the NYP Library Portal. Check out their Freshmen 101 Series released just for you.

Access Freshmen 101


NYP has more than 80 CCAs that range from arts, societies, community service and even sports. We highly recommend joining one as it can make your NYP experience far more meaningful: you'll get unique opportunities, experiences and make great friends too.


Hit the Explore CCA button below.
Browse the available CCAs in the four categories.
Each CCA has a webpage that tells you what is needed.
To sign up, just scan the QR code on each CCA's webpage.

The CCA folks will contact you with additional information and inform you when the CCA resumes.

We know that you have many burning questions about the CCAs, we've compiled a list of FAQs for you.

Explore CCAs

People at i@central



This is your go-to place when you need help. Anything. Everything. It’s set up specifically to be a one-stop for you.

You can make an appointment to visit i@Central (via the student portal), ring them at 6451 5115 or email


The information provided is subjected to updates due to the COVID-19 situation.

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