Asher Ong Yue Sheng

Diploma in Spatial Design
School of Design & Media

Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding Achievement in Design & Media

I have multiple design-related hobbies - photography, visual communications and videography are just some of the activities I enjoy doing. As a home-schooled student, I spend a lot of time with my family. In 2015, my family travelled to the US for a road trip and I spent six months honing my skills in photojournalism and social media content creation. In 2017, I started my freelance photography service. Till date, I’ve shot for more than 30 weddings, events, and couple and family shoots.

I wanted to expand my design knowledge, which is why I enrolled at NYP’s Diploma in Spatial Design. This will always be a significant milestone in my journey as a designer. I was given the chance to submit my work for competitions where I’ve managed to clinch awards. My most significant award till date is the Award of Excellence for the Golden Lotus International Design Competition (2020), for my design of a gallery for Kong Guan (one of Singapore’s oldest biscuit brands).

My lecturers opened my eyes to an entirely new way of design-thinking; it’s where you don’t just think of the space or building you’re designing, but think of the impact you will have on the people who are affected by the space. That gave me a sense of what it means to design with intent.

One of my toughest projects was my FYP. I was trying to tackle the problem of ageism. The goal was to create a Heritage Park in Chinatown to tackle the social problem of Ageism. With exactly three weeks left and facing one of the most crippling design blocks to date, I had only produced concept sketches and model mock-ups.

But after having a chat with my mother, I found a way to tap on my home-schooling experience to better present my project. During my final presentation, I narrated my project through the eyes of a mother and her young children traversing through Chinatown, my project site. This was the hardest project I’ve ever done, but it resonated with me deeply, and taught me the importance of being flexible as a designer.

NYP is my first schooling experience – the institution gave me opportunities to develop my leadership skills. I was the Vice President of the School’s club and I led several club activities with my team. Through these activities, I also gained many close friends who supported me in the toughest times.

In all, NYP has allowed me to flourish as a self-directed learner and a passionate designer. I had the chance to network with some of the most passionate individuals in the Singapore design field. I’m looking forward to furthering my passion for design at the National University of Singapore, where I’ve secured a spot in the Architecture course.