Hoo Qian Li

Diploma in Accountancy & Finance
School of Business Management

Tay Eng Soon Award for ITE Upgrader

My interest in accounting began in secondary school and ITE. It’s a rewarding profession that builds my leadership, problem-solving, technical and communication skills. However, I didn’t always do well in my studies. I scored 143 for my PSLE and entered the Normal Technical stream. My father continued to encourage me – he told me that it’s okay to fail but not okay to give up. My results started to improve in Secondary Three and I ended up achieving four distinctions for my N Levels, and a merit for my Nitec in Finance. Then, I progressed to Higher Nitec and studied Accounting.

Enrolling at a polytechnic was the next step. I had attended NYP’s Open House and found myself loving the people and environment. My friends who were NYP students told me that the lecturers were approachable, patient and friendly. That is why I chose NYP’s Diploma in Accountancy & Finance as my first choice during the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE).


My first year in NYP was challenging. With a weaker foundation in math, I had a tough time with one module in Year One – Business Statistics. I worked really hard and tried to attempt all the past year exam papers. I will also never forget how my lecturer, Ms Chua Poh Kiang, set aside time to have face-to-face consultations with me at 7am while having breakfast. She looked through all my answers and corrected my mistakes. Without her, I wouldn’t have scored an A for that module. I am also very grateful to Mr Benson Ong, my entrepreneurship module tutor, who allowed us to book him for consultations till midnight, even on weekends. I learnt so much from that module, and without him, I wouldn’t have scored a distinction.

Studying at NYP gave me the chance to participate in numerous accounting competitions. I also interned at Ernst & Young – which is considered one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms. During the internship, I audited companies from different industries and helped to perform audit procedures. This internship helped me to build up many soft skills, such as exercising professional scepticism.

I also joined the Geo Council and Community Service as I enjoy making a difference to people and the environment. Once, during a lunch event for the elderly, I initiated conversations with the seniors, listened to their stories and played games with them. It made me feel really happy when I saw them smiling and enjoying themselves through our activities.

My father once told me: “Sometimes you won’t get what you want, but one day you’ll get your own rainbow.” I’m very honoured to be the recipient of the Tay Eng Soon Award, for ITE upgraders. Post-graduation, I’ll be joining Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to study accountancy. I’m thankful to NYP for helping me get closer to reaching my own rainbow.