Lye Jia Jun

Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
School of Information Technology

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science

I’ve always enjoyed both sports and tech during my secondary school days. Particularly, I’m really fascinated by the possibilities of technology. It is truly intriguing to see amazing technology driving massive impact in the world, and I was set to apply for a diploma in the tech field.

I did my research about the different IT diplomas and learnt about NYP’s extensive industry connections and how school training mimics the industry setting. Hoping to secure my spot first, I applied for NYP’s Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics course via the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE). I was accepted!

One of my fondest memories at NYP was going for the School of IT’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp during Year 2. Over the three days, we participated in numerous workshops and worked on different ideas and projects, culminating in a pitch to actual venture capitalists. Our team’s idea was simple – it was a basic trading algorithm, but it was meant to enable people who were foreign to trading and investments to kickstart their journey. I am glad to have won the competition and I even met my current mentor here! As an NYP Alumni himself, he shared his industry experiences candidly, and guided me on my subsequent decisions. One key life lesson I learnt from him: You don’t have to put yourself in a position to make extreme decisions in life. Take time to explore, experiment, and experience – before making your decision.

This is the awesome part of NYP: it is a big family, and the alumni are all very connected. This means it is an incredible network that we go out into the world with.

Another significant milestone for me is founding NYP’s Google Developer Student Club (DSC) in 2019. Beyond tech skills, this new role taught me empathy. When I started the DSC, I was focused on running it as efficiently as possible. My main goals then: Equip fellow schoolmates with IT knowledge and encourage more schoolmates to join the club. A close friend was concerned that I would burn out and offered me a different perspective. He taught me the importance of valuing every team member’s contribution, and to ensure that the weakest members are always kept up to speed. A proverb that I will never forget – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

I am glad that NYP DSC has continued to grow in strength, and I am also grateful to all my peers for guiding me to self-discovery and empathy.

My goal is to be a technopreneur, to harness the power of technology to make the world a better place. I’ve also received admission offers from the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of Technology and Design, to further my studies.