Yeo Zhi Hui

Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology
School of Applied Science

Ngee Ann Kongsi Award for All-Round Achievement

Science intrigues me, as it helps improve things and solve problems. I usually spend my free time reading up on Biology, my favourite subject. But I’m also not your stereotypical science geek who only spends time researching. I also enjoy leading and helping others, which is why I’ve been an avid community volunteer since I was 13.

After my O Levels, I knew I wanted to further my studies in a biology-related subject. I also wanted to be equipped with skills to work in the healthcare sector to help others. So, I did my research and eventually chose NYP’s Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology – I’ve not looked back since.

My favourite modules were Immunology and Medical Microbiology. They were technical modules that required a lot of understanding. But these were the very subjects that drew me to the diploma course. Most people think that viruses and bacteria can cause humans to get ill, but how many of us know that there are good viruses and bacteria that help defend the body?

I’ve learnt multidisciplinary skills. At first, I had difficulties grappling with the concept of marketing and business. I recall nearly falling asleep once in my marketing class! But my classmates kept me going and my lecturers took time out to guide me on the topic, and my interest was revved up. I understand now how it all comes together in the actual world.

For me, school isn’t just a place for me to study. I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to help others, be it through organising events or volunteer work. And at NYP, I was able to pick up leadership skills and make fun memories with my peers. I’ll never forget the fun we had while organising the Freshmen Orientation 2019 for our School’s freshies. We planned various live-sized games, including Monopoly and Jenga. We had to work tirelessly to create all the props like the game dice and even huge Jenga blocks! It was challenging logistically but seeing the look of happiness and satisfaction on the freshies’ faces made it all worthwhile. .


I also learnt the importance of teamwork. As Deputy President of the School of Applied Science (SAS) Club, I realise that while my fellow members might have differing views, we all have a common goal – to advance our club’s efforts and activities. I’m now more open minded when it comes to accepting ideas from others.

I’ve made many happy memories here at NYP with classmates who have turned into close friends, and dedicated lecturers who are more than willing to walk that extra mile with me.

I intend to further my education after graduating from NYP, and I’ve decided to take up the offer from the National University of Singapore to read humanities and sciences. My ambition is to be a microbiologist, to use my knowledge in molecular biology to develop and test new medicines and treatments to combat diseases. I’m confident that my training at NYP has given me a leg up on my journey.