Message from PCEO

Dear Class of 2021,

I am so very proud of you. I know the effort you have put in, the projects you’ve put your heart into, and the nights you’ve spent completing that assignment. You can hold your head up high as you graduate with your diploma in hand.

This year, I pen this down with extra pride:

Your cohort experienced one of the most seismic shifts that the world has experienced. A virus, which humanity had no defence against, came swift and unannounced. In one fell swoop, it changed life as we knew it. It took away loved ones, jobs and plans. It meant massive changes to your life and learning at NYP.

It was a new world order with restrictions and limited physical interaction. As your principal, I worried about the mental toll the crisis would have, the adaptation you had to do in such a short time frame, and whether you would be able to find your feet. I encountered students who had to double up as caregivers for loved ones during the crisis; and others had to urgently find alternative jobs to help their families cope.

But you did find your feet, and more. You have shown incredible resilience, you forged ahead and have already applied your newly-gained skills to amazing projects that are changing the world for the better:  whether creating food that is easily edible and digestible by geriatric patients, to robots that are helping the visually impaired, to designing spaces to better business outcomes for companies.

And here we are now, at your graduation. I am now certain that the COVID experience will not scar you, but instead stand you in good stead to deal with a deeply complex, and ever-changing world. That maturity, resilience and initiative you took to navigate uncharted waters will keep you centred.

Change is real, but it can be an opportunity. Don’t stop learning, discovering and innovating. You can give yourself the tools and advantage to deal with change positively. I have asked our Alumni department to keep in close touch with you, and to offer useful networking sessions, and curate a list of courses – that you can take at no cost to you – to add to your resume.

I wish you the very best for your path ahead, wherever it may take you. When challenges arise, fly high.

Once again, my sincerest congratulations.

Jeanne Liew

Principal & CEO