Congratulations on your Graduation!

This is time for you to celebrate your academic achievements and take a look back at the many unforgettable memories created during your three years here with us.  

NYP’s Graduation Ceremony will be held from 04 May 2022 to 12 May 2022, where you will be officially presented with your diploma certificate and awards.

You can invite up to two guests to attend your graduation ceremony.

Please note that only registered guests and graduands will be admitted into the campus. A live stream of the graduation ceremonies will be also made available for your family and friends to join in remotely.

A personalised RSVP link for your Graduation Ceremony will be sent to your NYP email address. If you've completed your course more than six months ago, the link will be sent to your personal email address. After you RSVP, more details will be sent to you.

This Graduation website will also be progressively updated with more information.

Do check back on this Graduation website as it will be progressively updated with more information.

Thank you.