Products, Processes, Systems & Devices

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Node-based Method and Apparatus for Circuit Prototyping

A unique apparatus design and methodology to prototype an electronic circuit systematically.


Real-time Multipoint Diffraction Strain Measurement Imaging System

A total solution for real-time study of strain measurement and distribution over a small surface area of any specimen undergoing thermal or mechanical stress.


Umbilical Cord Mini Clamp

A clamp design for blocking fluid flowing in a tube where the squashed tubing is spread evenly, radially, in different directions during clamping.


Automated Visual Acuity Assessment System

An invention that improves the visual acuity assessment process through automation that includes complex logic to assess the patients’ acuity.

Sensors, Network & Communication

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WLAN Virtual Site Survey System

A novel performance contour mapping methodology to assess and correlate the performance of applications, network and systems for other WLAN sites.  


Smart WLAN Access Point

A system that enhances the security of the Access Point (AP) through a unique method where common security parameters required by the wireless network and applications are grouped together and re-sequenced via a unique key management scheme.


Method and System for Multi-Layer Positioning System

A multi-layer positioning system that optimizes all available location estimates statistically and predicts the next possible location of moving objects.


Method and System for Querying and Searching Protected Cloud Data

A dynamic cloud data searching and access methodology.


Method and System for Real-Time Hough Transform

A methodology for Hough transform in digital image processing.  


Secured Service-Oriented Nodes Discovery and Route Determination in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

A methodology for secured communications in mobile ad hoc networks.