NYP-Microsoft Centre for Applied AI (C4AI)

C4AI, supported by SkillsFuture Singapore, serves as a one-stop-facility for companies to have access to AI expertise and training. The Centre focuses on developing authentic use cases for industry adoption, case studies for training, and upskilling & reskilling of existing workforce in applied AI. 

Support and Services

Innovation and Development Projects

C4AI helps companies especially SMEs to develop AI solutions from use case identification, building data pipeline to AI modelling and deployment. With a group of dedicated staff and state of art AI facilities, C4AI allows SMEs to accelerate AI adoption through building applications and practical use cases to remove repetitive work, increase productivity and generate data-driven business insights.

Contextualized AI Training

C4AI offers various contextualized AI Training program. There are two main focuses that differentiate us from others. Firstly, our training focuses on introducing industry-specific challenges, contextualized use case with a special focus on the importance of data to boost the successful adoption of AI. Secondly, our training covers not only development, but also deployment of AI solutions with scalability to scale up and down based on the actual demand to optimize resource utilization.

AI Adoption Road-Mapping

AI Adoption could be daunting due to its complexity and demand of high-quality Data. C4AI’s unique AI Adoption Roadmapping program will help to build company specific roadmap to adopt AI in phases. The roadmap includes not only different AI use case, but also the coupled overarching data strategy across departments with human being one of the most important considering factors.

AI Ecosystem and Partnership

C4AI works closely with government agencies, trade associations and various industry partners across the tool chain and aims to build AI Ecosystem to facilitate and accelerate AI adoption across industry sectors.

AI Adoption across Industries

Featured AI Courses

  • Demystify AI & Data in your Industry

    This course starts with an overview of AI applications specific to the participants' job industry. Participants will learn about the importance of data, responsible AI for business, and AI core technologies and tools.
  • Generative AI Series

    This series covers from a 1-Day basic to 2-Day Intermediate courses that focuses on understanding what is generative AI to how generative AI can be applied in your industry.
  • Metaverse & Enabling Technology Series

    This series covers from a 2-Day basic to 9 Day advanced courses that focuses on understanding of Metaverse and the enabling technologies. It also equips learners with the skills to leverage on NVIDIA Omniverse Platform to enhance creativity and productivity.
  • Accelerating Deployment of Scalable AI Solution Series

    This series covers multiple 1-Day basic and 3-Day intermediate SkillsFuture Singapore funded courses focusing on accelerating development and deployment of scalable AI solutions.
  • Building AI Applications from End to End

    This series consists of 2 phases where the first phase is a 3-Day course which covers an introduction to AI pipeline concepts, fundamental skills in building AI pipeline and essential tools. In the second phase, participants will work on AI applications development and implementation at their own time, for a duration of one month. The trainer will meet participants for two half-day coaching sessions throughout the one-month duration.