Advanced Metrology & QA Section

Our capabilities include Form & Surface Measurement and Analysis, Gauges Calibration, Computer Tomography, First Article Inspection, 3D Digitization and Reverse Engineering, which are required by manufacturing companies and widely utilized for cost effectiveness. New technologies and innovative techniques are constantly being employed to measure and inspect ever-increasingly complex & shrinking manufactured components.

First Article Inspection: Validation of dimensional accuracy for FAI and ultra-precision measurement. Capabilities include GDT measurement, roundness assessment and 3D surface finishing assessment.

3D Digitization & Reverse Engineering: High speed scanning or measuring of a variety of simple prismatic parts to complex contoured surfaces, including internal features, with digitized data output for CAD generation.

Nanometrology & Material Characterization: Nano measurement and analysis of form profiles and surface topography using contact and atomic force methods. Characterisation of materials and mechanical properties at nano-scale.

Computed Tomography: Non-destructive 3D imaging using XRAYS, providing analysis and measurement of internal features, defect analysis and actual-nominal CAD comparison.

Case Studies:

Inspection of Additive Manufacturing Parts

Automation & Mechatronics Systems (AMS) constitutes part of the expertise of NYP’s School of Engineering and it is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of project engineers, designers and technologists.

First Article Inspection of Complex Die-casting Parts

First article inspection of die-casting part to determine the accuracy of the die casting process.