Aerospace Technology Section

Our core competencies include technologies in 3D immersive virtual and augmented reality, space and satellite engineering, finite element analysis and aviation grade composite materials state-of-the-art equipment.

3D Immersive Virtual Reality

The 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Lab is equipped with the 4-Screen Immersive 3D stereo projection system. The cube layout allows the users to be completely immersed in the 3D training content in a 180 degrees 3D hemispherical space, and with gesture detection and natural tracking, the user can interact with the content freely. NYP has developed various VR applications, one among them being the highly interactive Line Maintenance Training application that allows students to perform activities from a perspective of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) on a Boeing aircraft at airport environment. The lab also develops Augmented Reality (AR) content for student learning in Aerospace subjects like propulsion, flight principles, etc.

Advanced Composite Structure Repair

The Advanced Composite Structures Lab provide hands-on opportunity for our full–time students to work with aviation grade composite materials, industry standard tooling and latest state-of-the-art equipment. The practical lab sessions complement the student’s classroom theory with practical experience to promote a more thorough understanding of the subject matter. The hands-on practice sessions are designed to provide real-world scenarios to follow the repair processes and procedures that are used in the aviation manuals.

Space Technology & Satellite Engineering

The aerospace technology section conducts research, design and development activities into space technology and satellite engineering. Some of these activities involve the design and development of the nano-satellite structures and mechanism. Another active research area is the development of zero-gravity simulation system with active gravity compensation using computer controlled servo-motor mechanism. Such a zero-gravity simulation system will be useful for the testing and validation of nano-satellite deployment systems. 

Computational Analysis & Simulation

Provision of consultancy and services on FEM related work. Capabilities on FEM Analysis work includes:

  • Stress analysis on Structural Integrity Assessment.
  • Modal and Vibration analysis.
  • Thermal analysis.
  • Electronic System cooling simulation.