Our Capabilities

Our capabilities include

  • Innovative Product Design, Development and Industrial Design
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Rapid Tooling, Hybrid Tooling & Conformal Cooling
  • Rapid Fixturing

Innovative Product Design, Development and Industrial Design

Our capabilities include:

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing brings virtual designs to real life and changing our consumer market. It allows to customize the product design based on user preference. We have accumulated extensive experience working with Industrial partners in Consumer and Medical product design, simulation, analysis and development. We are able to provide turnkey product development solutions.

Design for Additve Manufacturing

We are able to optimise the products by light weighting, topology optimisation (biomimicry) and transforming lattice structures if required with considerations of  fabrication process by 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing. It is used in aerospace, medical and robotic & automation components. It can also be applied in product redesign for functionality with reduction in number of assembly components.

  • Product Design & Topology
  • Rapid Tooling design (Conformal Cooling)
  • Product Redesign for functionality

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Our Additive Manufacturing includes
Rapid Prototyping, Functional AM, Multi-material AM, Assembly Printing, etc using plastic or metal AM materials. 

Multicolor multimaterial technology is suitable for product development and production in multi-color plastic parts with multi properties.  Plastic components could also be printed all in one assembly with varied material properties and colors within a single print job. The material property mix can be ranged from soft rubber to hard plastics. The example applications are handles with nonslip grips, flexible hinges, overmould prototypes, etc.

3D metal printing/ Additive Manufacturing enables the production of complex objects that would be costly or impossible to produce using conventional techniques. It allow design creativity as the design of the part could have multiple complexities.

Rapid Tooling, Hybrid Tooling & Conformal Cooling

We have developed and fabricated several rapid tooling inserts for our industrial customer. The rapid tooling inserts are built using the Direct Metal Laser Melting process. Complex conformal cooling channels can be incorporated in the insert for improvement in product quality and shorter moulding cycle time.

Rapid Fixturing

Fast and flexible fabrication of jigs & fixtures could be done using additive manufacturing techniques.  Complex fixtures could be designed and fabricated in non-traditional way.