Animation/Digital Visual Effects/Games Design & Development

Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design & Media (SDM) supports Singapore’s vision to be an Interactive & Digital Media hub. It focuses on animation, games design & development, interactive media, visual effects, advertising and the entertainment industry.

The following services are also available:

A) Animation

We are involved in production of animated stories, exciting cinematic visuals and engaging performance-based character animation for the television and film entertainment industry. With our unique studio-environment we can offer services in animation shorts and 3D motion capture. 

B) Digital Visual Effects

The following services in planning, designing and production for 3D animation, computer graphic generation and post-production are available: 

  • Computer Graphics (CG)
  • Live Integration
  • Photo realistic CG Lighting & Shading
  • Photo realistic Modeling
  • Multi-pass Rendering Techniques
  • Compositing
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • VFX Problem Solving

C) Games Design and Development

The Games Resource Centre at Nanyang Polytechnic is supported by IDA, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia and its preferred training partner, Premium Agency. The centre facilities are open to the industry and companies to develop proof-of-concept games on the PlayStation3 (PS3) computer entertainment system and PSP (PlayStation Portable) handheld entertainment system. It provides more opportunities for companies to work on various genres of games or platforms with the centre.

The Centre comprises staff with vast industry experience ranging from project management, animation, games design & development and VFX production. In games development, our capabilities include expertise in 2D / 3D concept design, game programming, game assets creation and game design, besides others.

The launch of the PlayStation Development Community has helped companies to use the centre as a stepping stone in games development. This has provided opportunities for companies to embark onto console development and utilize the centre’s resources to minimize their risk. It offers the following:

  • Computing hardware 
  • Software 
  • PlayStation 3 Development Kit 
  • Available space for incubation to partnered companies.
  • Student internships for attachment and project development.
  • Game development project consultancy to SMEs 

Industry Projects

Besides Sony PS3/PSP project at GRC, SIDM also work with the industry on wide range of game projects.

The following includes some of the industry projects successfully completed:

Top Gunner – Republic of Singapore Navy

This is a quick-paced shooting game specially designed and developed for Republic of Singapore Navy. It was showcased during their 40th Anniversary Open House in May 2007. In this game, players get to control a real-life machine gun that can be found on RSN’s battleship, and they have to aim and shoot at as many correct targets as possible during the time given. 

Ramayana – Asian Civilizations Museum

In conjunction with the exhibition “Ramayana Revisited: A Tale of Love & Adventure” held at Peranakan Museum from 22 Jan to 22 Aug 2010, SIDM jointly conceptualized and developed a video game “The Chase of the Golden Deer” on the Indian epic, The Ramayana. It was introduced in the five regional libraries under National Library Board where the game served to whet visitors’ interests and encourage them to visit the exhibition.

Handheld Games – Gevo Entertainment

Development And prototyping of Full Range Of Iron Products

Escapee Go is developed in collaboration with NYP and Gevo Entertainment. The game received good reviews and scored a rating of 8.5 on IGN website.