Automation & Mechatronics Systems

Automation & Mechatronics Systems (AMS) constitutes part of the expertise of NYP’s School of Engineering and it is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of project engineers, designers and technologists.

To provide turnkey integrated and automated industrial solutions for local companies, the following services are offered:

A) System Design & Integration

Engineering and technical support for complete design and integration of automation projects:

  • Automation system design 
  • Robotic and machine vision
  • PC application software & PLC control software development


B) Engineering Design & Development

Product design and development services to bring the ideas to market, i.e.

  • Engineering product design
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Control system design


C) Industrial & System Engineering

Technical support for the design, control and optimization of production systems, i.e.

  • Concept development & testing
  • System development & integration
  • Manufacturing information system & networking

Industry Projects

The following includes some of the industry projects successfully completed:

Product Design & Development

"Getango" An Article Dispensing Machine (ADM)

This machine revolutionised the loan and return of multi-media services for libraries. The ADM was designed like a futuristic capsule and holds 1800 CD articles and provides users with choice selections, ease-of-use and convenience. With It large capacity and easy loading mechanism, it also enable the library to update its CD offerings regularly.

Automated machine design & development

Desktop SMT IC Mounter 

This machine performs Pick & Place of different types and sizes of IC from the feeder or tray, and onto flexible or metal PCB. This machine can handle IC of size up to 18 x 20mm and is equipped with 2 vision systems. One system with a moving camera for correcting the PCB position error and another system with fixed camera for calculating the IC position offset after being pick up by a vacuum nozzle. The fixed camera is also used for checking the ICs’ leads condition. 

Special Equipment


It is an automated dispensing machine that can be operated to store and dispense life-science reagents in -20oC freezing temperature.

This PC controlled dispensing machine consists of a subzero frost free refrigerated compartment with DC motorized coil storage and dispense mechanisms. It was designed to house 84 product varieties. The software, data management and automation provide vending machine liked sales and purchase of these expensive reagents. The machine is connected to a network to perform sales transactions and inventory updating.

Industrial Equipment Design and Prototyping

High-End Epoxy Encapsulation Dispensing Machine (HE-EEDM)

This HE-EEDM was designed for high speed and accurate adhesive dispensing for the demanding semi-conductor production. When used for surface mount adhesive, solder paste, thermal grease and lid sealant dispensing, this machine is ideal for high-volume, production-critical applications that need to sustain continuous 24 hours operation without operators.

Concept Development & Testing

Cell Sampling System

The Sampling System is designed to integrate to a bio-reactor to sample cell culture at specific time intervals for the scientist or researcher to study and analyze its activity. 

Test System Automation

Automated Medical Staple Insertion and Inspection System

The machine was designed toautomate the insertion & inspection of medical staples prior the grinding process. The staple blanks are then fed to a servo rotary indexer for laser measurement and inspection. The accepted blanks are subsequently inserted into a jig for the grinding. Statistical reports on the production batch can be retrieved from this system.

Integrated Building Management System & Networking

Software Development for Airport’s Aerobridge

This project developed software to monitor the faults in the aerobridge and Aircraft Docking Guidance System. This software, through high level interface with the airport Integrated Building Management System meets airport’s requirements for remote control and monitoring 24 hours a day.