Products, Processes, Systems & Devices

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System and Method for Detection and Location of Rogue Wireless Access Users in a Computer Network 

A system capable of displaying the physical locations of intruders on a digital floor plan.


Node-based Method and Apparatus for Circuit Prototyping

A unique apparatus design and methodology to prototype an electronic circuit systematically.


Pervasive RF Energy Harvesting System Using Magnetic Coupled Resonances 

A product that can harvest energy in the air through a high Q antenna, convert RF into DC energy and a super capacitance to store the harvested energy.


LDPC Codes for Storage System

A new method to construct LDPC codes and apply the new LDPC codes to add redundancy for the storage system.


Pixels-based Indoor Map Matching Methodology and System

A pixels-based indoor map matching methodology that enables indoor localization accuracy to be in sub-metre level.


Distributed Storage 

Adaptive tailored erasure codes-based distributed storage to maximize the system capacity and enhance the reliability

Sensors, Network & Communication

IP No.

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WLAN Virtual Site Survey System

A novel performance contour mapping methodology to assess and correlate the performance of applications, network and systems for other WLAN sites.  


Smart WLAN Access Point

A system that enhances the security of the Access Point (AP) through a unique method where common security parameters required by the wireless network and applications are grouped together and re-sequenced via a unique key management scheme.


Method and System for Multi-Layer Positioning System

A multi-layer positioning system that optimizes all available location estimates statistically and predicts the next possible location of moving objects.


Method and System for Querying and Searching Protected Cloud Data

A dynamic cloud data searching and access methodology.


Secured Service-Oriented Nodes Discovery and Route Determination in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

A methodology for secured communications in mobile ad hoc networks.