NACE's inaugural trip to Munich, Germany 

26 - 31 October 2019

NACE conducted an experiential learning journey to Germany for companies to find out more about the Best-In-Class practices in Workplace Learning in German companies.

SICK Product Center Asia Pte Ltd

"The event really lived up to its purpose - "Experiential" learning where we really get into the midst of seeing how learning takes place within the company through the trainers, trainees and the process methodologies.”

G-Force Network

"My company is not an engineering firm but I do learn a lot from the Germans in their learning culture, attracting and retaining talents, I would improve my company’s OJT program and encourage further learning to my staff.”

Taimaru Engineering Pte Ltd

“......very well planned and executed. Overall, it was well organised and the company visits offered breadth and depth of learning.”