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We recognise the dynamic and evolving needs of our industries, as outlined in our nation’s Industry Transformation Map’s strategy. We can support your company in sustaining growth, enhancing efficiency and maintaining long-term competitiveness. Our NYP360 approach can assist your business in achieving this with our full suite of innovative and collaborative solutions, and training options. We work with a wide range of partners, and can help you tap into and infuse technologies that are changing our world and your business. 


Let us work with you to:

• Digitalise your business

• Provide technical solutions

• Re-design jobs and work processes

• Secure grants and funding



Why NYP?

For almost three decades now, we have earned and built our name as an industry-centric polytechnic.

We draw from a rich heritage: Three institutes created by the EDB, namely the French-Singapore Institute (FSI), German-Singapore Institute (GSI) and Japan-Singapore Institute (JSI), were merged in 1992 to become the nexus of our engineering faculty. Since then, we have kept our view firmly focused on industry relationships and partnerships, not only to co-develop curricula and train the next generation workforce, but also to help our partners find solutions to their issues.

Harnessing multidisciplinary expertise – from technology and engineering, to user-experience design, and marketing – we can help you and your companies build new capabilities through training and technology transfers.

NYP runs national training and technology centres in areas like advanced manufacturing, electronics engineering, food services, and retail transformation. Among these are the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) and Asian Culinary Institute (ACI) Singapore – which are anchor providers for continuing education and training in the Retail, and Food & Beverage Services industries respectively.

In addition, we also head Singapore’s National Centre for Workplace Learning (NACE). NACE draws on expertise from our partners in Switzerland and Germany to cement staff’s learning and translate skills into workplace effectiveness.  

Our Strengths in Four Sectors

We focus on four sectors that have been identified as important and strategic for Singapore. These sectors are also exemplars that display our applications of deep skills and cross-disciplinary expertise. And, this allows us to offer your company a full range of capabilities for one-stop solutions.

How companies have benefited from NYP360

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