Advanced Manufacturing Sector

We're in the 4th Industrial Revolution – a landscape where advanced manufacturing operations are led by artificial intelligence (AI), smart manufacturing, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Let NYP360 help you deploy digital and advanced technologies to re-invent and transform your business.  

Engage our expertise to:

  •  Transform the way products, services & business-models are created

  •  Optimise your operations & processes for real cost savings &   productivity maximisation

  •  Implement smart factories

  •  Manage supply chains

Check out some of our CET courses related to the Advanced Manufacturing sector:

  • Application of Industry Robotics Technology
  • Data Analytics Tools
  • Digital Manufacturing Essentials
  • Digital World of 3D Printing
  • Digitalisation of Manufacturing using IoT
  • Industry Networking for Industry 4.0
  • Introduction to Machine Vision
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation

Check out our full suite of courses here.