Food Sector

Singapore’s food systems are transforming. The national goal is food security through local faming production, safe edibles, and finally affordable and nutritious food on each table.

NYP also understands our government’s goal to strengthen climate resilience, resource constraints, urbanisation, and we can help you be part of this movement.

Work with us to make your operations efficient and help your business grow.

From food production to food service, our innovative solutions include:

  • Productivity & quality enhancement
  • Farm-to-fork safety & sustainability
  • Automation & technology deployment 


Check out some of our CET courses related to the Food sector:

  • Food services (culinary arts, pastry & bakery)
  • Food & beverage (safety & hygiene policies & hygiene audit)
  • Food safety management systems for food services establishments
  • Engaging food & beverage customers on social media
  • Automation & digitalization in food manufacturing
  • Creating fun food (e.g ice cream) based on food science knowledge

Check out our full suite of courses at NYP and NYP-ACI.