Healthcare Sector

Get your healthcare system and workforce future-ready. 

With our focus on technology, processes and skills training, we can help to address the increasing demands and complexity of our nation’s healthcare needs.


Let us work with you on:

  • Product development & solution implementation
  • Transformation of systems & processes
  • Job redesign & skills enhancement



Check out some of our CET courses related to the Healthcare sector:

  • Specialist and Advanced Diploma in Nursing and Social Services (in orthopaedics, oncology, paediatrics, gerontology, radiology and in- patient and general health care)
  • Specialist Diploma in Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Short courses on dental care and health management studies.
  • National Silver Academy (NSA) programmes in mental health and first-aid management, dementia, diabetes care and therapeutic horticulture

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