HDB Utility Management System

Published on 30 Apr 2024


Anacle was awarded the Utilities Management System project by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). In this project, HDB organised a challenge to educate HDB residents on Smart Home living, energy and water conservation. The challenge, open to residents in HDB blocks under the HDB Greenprint @ Teck Ghee, requires residents to meet a reduction in energy and water consumption, over a period of time, to qualify for an incentive.


When a resident signs up for HDB’s challenge, Anacle will provide the household with the Tesseract, a smart meter that will work with other digital meters to:

  • Collect and analyse consumption data from water, energy and gas meters
  • Provide in-depth analysis on power quality
  • Perform early fault detection on specific types of appliances and devices
  • Perform remote control (turn on/turn off) of appliances by interfacing with supported Smart Plugs


Additionally, Anacle will provide each household with a mobile app that they co-developed with the School of Information Technology (SIT). The mobile app allows the resident to connect to the Tesseract to control the turning on and off of appliances, and view water and energy consumption trend via his/her mobile device. The mobile app will connect to Tesseract over WiFi via its local-area-network mode, or over any 4G networks through a cloud-based server that interfaces with the Tesseract over a Narrowband IoT network leased from a local telecommunications company.