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Business Research and Services Centre (BRSC)

To understand consumer behaviour and expectations that lead to improved customer experiences (CX) and opportunities for business growth, organisations now "place greater focus on an emphasis on learning more about their audience through consumer insight." (GBSN Research, 2021). Consumer insights can provide a business with the opportunity to better personalise and tailor products to the needs, wants, and demands of their customers.


The Business Research and Services Centre (BRSC) is established to conduct market research and customer analytics projects. Learners work with partners such as Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and Automobile Association of Singapore, to provide a suite of services including Market Research, Consumer Insights, Mystery Shopping Audits, Perception Studies, and Website Usability Test Studies.


Our capabilities

Consumer insights

Conduct research to gain comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour and expectations in their consumption process for products and services.

Customer journey mapping

Gain critical insights into the key touch points within an organisation and utilise tools to make effective enhancements.

Data analytics

Provide insights into trends and patterns on a data set through various data analytics techniques such as visualisation, statistical analysis and clustering.

Website usability test

Conduct digital experience audits to understand gaps in user experience and propose strategies to improve usability

Learning experience

This is a 12-week practice-oriented attachment. During their attachment, learners are assigned various roles to attain learning outcomes. Learners gain competencies in various technologies and methodologies in the conduct of business research, including:


1. Research methodologies

Learners gain competencies in the conduct of primary research (such as surveys and focus groups), question formulation, development of mystery shopping questionnaires and website usability assessment forms.


2. Technical skills

These include project management skills, database management & analytics, and learning tools such as persona mapping.tools (like SMAPLY), data visualisation tools (such as Power BI), and other technologies such as eye-tracker, Survey Monkey and Qualtrics.


3. Workplace competencies

These include professionalism, leadership & teamwork, communication skills, presentation skills, and critical thinking to attain business research objectives.



For more info or discussions on potential collaborations, please contact:

Mr Calvin Loo

  • Tel: 6550 1186
  • Email: calvin_loo@nyp.edu.sg