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Media Hub & Studio


The Media Hub & Studio is a fully operational media centre that houses the latest media technologies. Through these facilities, the centre is capable of video production, creative services & marketing and print & digital media content generation. Students develop a holistic understanding of the business processes and of media production and are provided hands-on experience through the Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) module. There are three stopovers during the TEP, namely digital content production, creative services & marketing and print & digital media.

Our capabilities

Digital content production

Conceptualise and produce content for “NYP On Air”, which is aired on campus and social media platforms. We also produce digital content for industry partners such as international broadcasters MTV, Cartoon Network and Fox Sports Asia. Local partners include MediaCorp.

Creative services & marketing

Our students produce promos and trailers for TV programmes, as well as involved in content acquisition, marketing and promotions.

Print & digital media

Produce an award-winning student magazine “Catch” and conceptualise ideas for social media platforms. We also do work with external parties such as CNA938 (podcasts) and Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

Our case studies

Step into the realm of cutting-edge advancements with the Media Hub & Studio. Our curated case studies unveil a tapestry of success stories, illustrating the transformative impact of our innovations across diverse industries.


Asian Academy Creative Awards Masterclass (2022)

Asian Academy Creative Awards Masterclass (2022)

Witness the prowess of Mass Media Management students as they take center stage in the development of a cutting-edge multi-camera production for the prestigious Asian Academy Creative Awards Masterclass.

President's Star Charity Behind-the-scenes (2022)

President's Star Charity Behind-the-scenes (2022)

Step behind the scenes of the President's Star Charity as Mass Media Management students showcase their filmmaking talents. Dive into the details of their hands-on involvement in filming captivating behind-the-scenes footage and crafting compelling social campaign posts.

National Day Parade (2013-2022):

National Day Parade (2013-2022):

Celebrate a decade of student excellence with Mass Media Management as they chronicle the National Day Parade's journey through captivating behind-the-scenes videos. From the Appreciation Function to the LED screens during the parade and the dynamic #DoingGood social media campaign, BRSC students have been at the forefront, seamlessly integrating their skills to create engaging content.

Collaboration opportunities

Learners may be entitled to a 21-week practice-oriented attachment. During their attachment, learners are assigned various roles through 3 stopovers in production, creative services & marketing and print & digital media. Competencies are gained through the conduct of the project assigned include:

1. Technical skills:

Learners develop video content, print and digital media by analysing and fulfilling client and channel needs and requirements. Learners also have access to iMacs and industry standard editing and design software.

2. Resource management:

In the delivery of content requirements, learners apply efficient project management skills.

3. Communication skills:

Learners utilise business language across oral and written platforms to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders.


Wimbledon 2017 in London

Wimbledon 2017 in London

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2017

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2017

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