Generative AI Series

Unlock the Future with Generative AI: Beginner to Advanced Courses

With courses ranging from 1-day basic to 5-day advanced levels, delve into understanding the fundamentals of generative AI and its practical applications within various industries. Whether you're new to the concept or seeking to deepen your knowledge, these courses provide invaluable insights into leveraging generative AI for transformative outcomes in your field of work.


This series of courses is funded by SkillsFuture Singapore.

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Recommended Training Roadmap

While you can choose to participate in selected courses, we encourage participants to join all courses for a comprehensive understanding and be fully equipped with the relevant skillset.

  • In this 1-day course, learn about generative AI, its ability to generate images, videos, codes and writing, and how it works. Through case studies and examples, you will discover how useful generative AI tools are in real-world applications, and how you can create your own Generative AI.
    Course Outcomes:
    • Using Generative AI Tools
    • Prompt Engineering & Discrete Prompting
    • Ethical & Responsible Usage
  • In this 2-day course, explore using generative AI tools to solve specific problems within various industries. Through practical examples and hands-on projects, you'll learn how to apply generative AI to automate tasks, improve product designs, and generate new ideas in your industry.
    Course Outcomes:
    • Using APIs of Commercial Large Foundation Models, including Large Language Model (LLM)
    • Continuous Prompting
    • Build Simple Applications
  • In this 5-day Course, learn essential skills and ready-to-use tools to build an end-to-end Artificial Intelligence application. Seize the opportunity to deploy NYP's proprietary licensed tools, XpanAI Lite, on workstations to build Artificial Intelligence applications based on actual use-case projects. 
    Course Outcomes:
    • Using APIs of Open Source Language Foundation Models, including Large Language Model (LLM)
    • Few Shots Learning
    • Build End-to-End Applications
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