A Collaborative Journey Supporting EssilorLuxottica’s Research & Development

Nanyang Polytechnic’s collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, a global leader in the design, manufacture & distribution of ophthalmic lenses, frames, sunglasses & optical equipment, has exemplified NYP360’s ability to deliver end-to-end solutions by harnessing multidisciplinary expertise across various fields, including technology and engineering, visual content creation, and consumer sensing exercises, among others, to strengthen myopia research & development.

Published on 30 Apr 2024


Since the signing of the memorandum of understanding with EssilorLuxottica's R&D Centre Singapore in February 2020, NYP have successfully implemented and completed 11 projects to date under the leadership of Dr. Leonard Loh, together with NYP’s multidisciplinary team. These projects encompass a wide range of problem statements, and NYP360 played a pivotal role in assisting EssilorLuxottica in addressing their diverse business needs. 


  • In 2020, the School of Business Management embarked on several projects that supported EssilorLuxottica in gaining insight on the various aspects of myopia related studies. These were instrumental in refining EssilorLuxottica’s approach in working on these studies.
  • While this project was in progress, the School of Design and Media dedicated its efforts in creating a comprehensive myopia visual communication that linked the various research and developmental aspects of myopia management. By thoroughly studying the information, the School of Design and Media made sense of the abundant data, providing EssilorLuxottica with a valuable visual roadmap that linked the various research studies to help them prioritise processes and implement future research and development projects.
  • The School of Engineering, on the other hand, designed and developed several innovative solutions from automation, device development to software applications to provide essential support to EssilorLuxottica’s research and development endeavours. One notable accomplishment involved the design and fabrication of a semi-automated lens coating system using EssilorLuxottica's proprietary coating materials.  This enhanced the process consistency and consequently its overall reliability.


With the active involvement of our dedicated staff and students, the School of Information Technology conducted a thorough feasibility study, analysing online content concerning myopia, granting EssilorLuxottica a deeper understanding of the consumers' needs.

With this holistic approach, NYP360 effectively addressed EssilorLuxottica 's impending needs. However, beyond these accomplishments, it was the unwavering commitment and personal touch of every staff member and student involved that truly nurtured the partnership between NYP360 and EssilorLuxottica.

Mr. Sunil Bhangale, Senior Manager, EssilorLuxottica, who spearheaded the collaboration with NYP commented, "The collaboration with NYP has been beneficial to both sides across multi-dimensional aspects. While we can tap on NYP’s complementary expertise and facilities, NYP teams are getting exposure to the tasks, intriguing their curiosity & excelling in their own fields.”


This ongoing partnership stands as a testament to the power of multidisciplinary expertise, commitment, and innovation, and NYP looks forward to achieving further success alongside EssilorLuxottica.